How did you come up with the name "Pixie Posie"?

An interview with Jennifer.

In the summer of 2007, my husband and I took our 2-year-old daughter (and our infant son) to The Muny to see Peter Pan. My daughter chose to dress up like a fairy so that Tinkerbell would know she believed. It was a gorgeous summer night and the sun was throwing golden light across the purple and pink flowers in the landscaping of Forest Park. 

I said to my daughter, “Go! Fly off into the sunset to those flowers!” I grabbed my camera from the bag and with my infant son wrapped on my chest, I shot a series of photos of my daughter “flying” around the grass and laughing. The light touched her golden blonde hair just perfectly, giving her a fairy dust glow. The purples in her fairy costume and the flowers were perfectly toned. I turned to my husband with a smile on my face and said, “She’s just so…pixie posie.” And that was the conception of what is now Pixie Posie, LLC. 

I had been in the process of starting my business plan but did not want to use my own name as the company name. I was hopeful the name would come to me as I built my strategy and designed my site with a goal of beginning in 2008. Once I said “pixie posie,” after shooting those images, I knew. It was a phrase I had never heard of or used before and I still believe it was a divine message. 

I could not wait to get home to research and protect the business name, reserve the domain, and all things small business that go along with starting and creating a new business. I chose to spell the business name Pixie Posie because “pixie” is a short term for pixel and I was shooting solely digital photography at the time. The second word, “posie” is not about the flower “posey” but more about a candid feel and lifestyle vibe in the imagery, a version of posed but not portraiture. 

Pixie Posie, LLC was established as a home-based business in 2008. It was the perfect blend of photography, art, and time required to parent that my family needed while my kids were growing and my husband was building his career as an attorney. I scheduled shoots and editing when my husband was home to keep childcare costs down. I was shooting maternity, newborn, family, and fashion, as well as designing logos and marketing plans for other small businesses. I was also creating photography experiences for children and families. These themed events would have local sponsors and include kid activities plus digital photography. 

Pixie Posie is a TM name, it's logo is also a registered mark, and all rights are reserved.

How has Pixie Posie evolved?

After a few years of business booming and no more time to dedicate to it that I was willing to take away from my family, I stepped back from business growth and began to specialize. I focused on: brand lifestyle, fashion, and experience photography on the weekends and marketing and branding during the week while my kids were at school. I was editing into the early hours of the morning and getting burned out. Plus, I knew as my kids started to commit to sports and their own interests I would not want to miss being a part of it. Something had to give. 

Once again, I stepped back from Pixie Posie’s growth and focused on the skill sets I could use during the week in a more traditional working environment. I started consulting and contracting for small to medium-sized businesses in marketing and creative services. I worked in graphic design and production, social media, product photography, copywriting, website design, branding, and marketing. I was using all of my entrepreneurial skill sets while learning about how other businesses are run and how they scale. 

My kids are teens now and need me differently than a decade ago; Pixie Posie remains patiently waiting for the opportunity to expand. I am excited that the world needs creatives and values art and artistic immersive experiences. I am grateful my entrepreneurial spirit includes a neverending drive to keep Pixie Posie alive.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to bring creativity to your lives and businesses. 

-Jennifer H Mannion, owner

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